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Shine It All

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Leaves Lasting Protection Without Any White, Powdery Residue

  • Gives auto exterior surfaces – including trim, molding and rubber – a perfect shine.
  • No powdery residue – dries clear with little buffing.
  • Advanced polymer protection seals all surfaces.
  • Protects trim from dulling and fading better than protectants.
  • Excellent for trim detailing.

SKU: 613776
Package Size: 16 oz



Car Care Tips

Always wash your car before waxing. We recommend using Formula 1 Wash and Wax to get your car clean and ready for waxing. Use a clean dry microfiber cloth to apply wax. Neatly fold to create a soft cushion. Then apply in circular motion. Formula 1 Super Shine microfiber is perfect for waxing your car.




Shake well before using. Wash and dry car. Pour onto a clean, dry soft cloth. Apply sparingly and evenly to one section at a time. Let dry to a haze. Wipe off with a clean, soft cloth, turning it frequently. Do not use in direct sunlight or if surface is hot to touch. Not recommended for tires or windshields. For maximum protection, apply second coat within 30 days.