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Premium Fast Wax

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Ultimate Brilliant Shine and Lasting Super-Polymer Protection

  • Synthetic, Super-Polymer Crosslink formula bonds to paint paint finishes
  • Gives supreme protection against UV rays, rand and dirt.
  • Liquid-Spray formula for quickest application
  • Goes on fast; wipes off easily
  • Can be used on all exterior auto surfaces, and leaves no white residue in auto body seams and molding.

SKU: 517360
Package Size: 16 oz



Car Care Tips

Always thoroughly wet, wash and dry your car before applying any wax product. We recommend using Formula 1 Premium Wash and Wax to clean your car prior to waxing. If bugs, tar or dirt are an issue, trust Formula 1 Bug & Tar Remover for a deep clean against tough buildup. For alternative, easy wax application, we recommend the Formula 1 Super Pads. To remove wax, try the Formula 1 Super Shine Microfiber Polishing Towels.




Formula 1 provides the latest, advanced crosslink polymer technology in car wax protection and shine. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Wash and dry car. Spray wax directly onto cool, clean car surface. Spread evenly using circular motions, one three-foot section at a time and wait five minutes, allowing Super-Polymers to bond to car’s surface. Wipe off with a clean, soft cloth, rotating frequently.