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Fragranced Protectant


Shines, Protects and Freshens Interiors!

  • Shines and protects auto interiors including vinyl, rubber and leather.
  • Time-release fragrance keeps car smelling fresh for days.
  • Will not dry out interior surfaces or cause cracking.
  • Leaves lustrous shine with no oily residue. Will not attract dust.
  • Available in six great fragrances – New Car, Strawberry, Coconut, Cheery, Vanilla, Fresh Citrus.

Pkg Size: 10 oz.


Car Care Tips

The interior of your car needs to be clean and comfortable because let’s face it–you spend a lot of time sitting in your car seat. With our Fragranced Protectants, you can also have a fresh-smelling car while cleaning and conditioning. Apply throughout the car to ensure the great smell lasts. The best way to apply protectant is with a microfiber. We recommend Formula 1 Super 2-Pack because you get a microfiber for the interior and a bonus microfiber for the outside of your car.



SHAKE WELL. Spray directly onto surface, or to avoid overspray, spray directly onto clean cloth and apply. Let penetrate. Wipe off excess. Repeat if desired.