DX-5 Extreme Cut Compound Gallon

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Less Drag, Less Haze for Faster, Higher Shine

Detail Express Extreme Cut Compound will correct heavily scratched or oxidized paint without hazing or scouring to create a high degree of gloss. Paint finish that has been compounded with DX-5 will not require additional correction and can be immediately sealed with DX-20.

  • For heavily weathered, oxidized or scratched paint finishes.
  • Removes deep swirls, scratches and acid rain etching.
  • Super fast cutting with abrasives that reduce to a polish in use.

SKU: 525206
Package Size: 1 gallon


Car Care Tips

For deep damage, apply DX-5 with the blue Extreme Cut Foam Pad equipped on a polishing machine. The abrasive breakdown and pad friction provides maximum leveling that quickly removes deep paint imperfections. Only moderate pressure is needed for professional results, so even a user with little experience can easily correct damage.



Only use on a clean and dry car. For best results, apply Extreme Cut Compound in the shade to a cool paint surface. Dispense enough product to cover a surface of roughly two square feet. With moderate pressure and speed, move the polishing machine in broad, sweeping strokes in a crisscross pattern. Only 5 to 6 passes are required at an average speed for complete correction. Then wipe the surface clean with a microfiber towel.