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Celebrating 35 Years of Shine

Since 1989, Formula 1 has been proud to bring you bumper-to-bumper detailing solutions driven by our passion for showroom-level shine.

The Formula 1 Showcase at the 2024 XPEL INDYCAR Grand Prix at Road America is the perfect platform for us to bond over a shared love of motorsport with race enthusiasts like you.

Experience Exotic Speed Machines Up Close

Showcase Attractions:

  • 1987 Lamborghini Countach - 1 of 66 Fuel Injected V12 Countachs Ever Built.
  • 2023 Ferrari 812GTS - The Fastest Convertible Made to Date.
  • Grab your photo with the Formula 1 Grid Girls accompanying our beautiful display cars.
  • Other weekend exclusive opportunities like FREE SWAG, in-person only discounts, and more!

Elevate Your Ride to Podium-Worthy Perfection

  • Chances to WIN! Gain in-person only entry to win our Complete Kit detailing gift box. Drawing 2 winners each day!
  • FREE race-inspired SWAG for every visitor.
  • Race-Exclusive Discounts - Enjoy 25% off all products displayed at the Formula 1 showcase.
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