There’s an old mantra: take good care of your feet. That’s no different in car ownership. Your wheels and tires run for miles and miles, and regular maintenance and cleaning can significantly increase their lifespan.
But what’s the best way to clean car wheels and tires? Formula 1 Auto Care offers excellent products specifically designed for car owners to maintain and clean car wheels and tires.
For effective tire shine, the Formula 1 Black Gold Tire Shine gives a deep, natural shine that will last. Created with a unique formula, the oil-free, water-resistant formula doesn’t “brown out” like competitor tire shine. Nor will this wheel cleaner and protectant discolor tires or cause damage to the tire wall, a common issue with cheaper products. Simply spray on and walk away. Yes, it really is that simple.
For wheel cleaning, the Formula 1 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner utilizes a non-acid formula to instantly clean wheels and tires. Once sprayed onto the tire surface, the product forms a deep cleaning foam that gets rid of even the toughest brake dust and dirt. Scrub it away, and your wheels look like new.
Formula 1 Wheel & Tire products extend the life of tires, brakes, and wheels. They help prevent nasty dirt and grime buildup, culprits that are sure to eventually cause damage on your wheels. Moreover, these products provide a protective layer against future environmental obstacles like road salt.
Since 1989, Formula 1 has helped millions of customers keep their wheels lasting long and tires shining bright. Don’t let a little road grime be the death of your brakes or tire tread. Formula 1 has a product that will keep your wheels and tires looking like they just rolled out of the dealership.


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