Finding a scratch on your car is infuriating, annoying, and upsetting. But please, don’t let a door ding ruin your day. We’re here to help. Formula 1 Auto care offers a line of high-performance scratch and restore products.
These products are designed to help car owners easily buff out scratches on their vehicles. The fact is that not only are scratches annoying and look bad, but they decrease the value of your vehicle. They also are an unfortunate and inevitable reality. But scratch removal and scratch repair is not an impossible task. Responsible car owners are prepared for the worst.
Formula 1 Scratch Out is an easy-to-use product that comes in both liquid and paste formats. It utilizes micro polishers to remove fine scratches, swirls, and haze from nearly all auto paint finishes. It restores paint color, making paint finishes look like new. And it does so without risking damage to clear coat paint like conventional rubbing compounds. Formula 1’s unique non-abrasive liquid formulation is convenient and simple to use, regardless of your experience with washing or detailing cars.
Since 1989, Formula 1 Scratch Out has helped millions of customers deal with minor and severe scratches on their vehicles. Don’t let light duty paint issues bum you out. Our products restore the finish of vehicles, helping them look like new again.


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