Bugs? Tar? Nasty grime? Don’t fret. Formula 1 Auto Care creates some of the best all-purpose car cleaners on the market.
The Formula 1 Cleaners are designed to ensure car owners can remove even the most annoying dirt and grime on surfaces. Once removed, vehicles look clean and shiny, improving the lifespan of your car while helping maintain its value.
For the best bug removal, try Formula 1 Bug & Tar Remover. It quickly removes bugs, tar, and tree sap — the most frustrating types of soil you can find on your vehicle. And it does so without risking any damage to the vehicle’s exterior. Our unique formula utilizes powerful solvents to penetrate and lift stubborn stains, leaving a deep shine and safe clear coating. Don’t just remove bugs and tar from your vehicle surface, prevent them sticking around in the future.
For the windshield or other car windows, Formula 1 Glass Cleaner utilizes a sophisticated formula for a clear, streak-free shine that repels water while improving visibility. Don’t let splatter ruin your day, and help prevent rain, bugs, and grime from sticking to glass in the future.
Since 1989, Formula 1 has prioritized customer satisfaction over everything else. We’ve created some of the best car cleaning formulas on the market — and will continue to create breakthrough technology for a new level of auto paint protection.


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