Your vehicle is a serious asset. Are you taking the proper steps to protect your investment?
Ceramic wax is an excellent and easy-to-use car wax that provides a protective layer over a vehicle’s paint job. Regular use helps protect the surface from environmental variables such as UV rays, bird poop, and all that other junk that ends up on your car from daily use.
Formula 1 Auto Care is a leading manufacturer of ceramic wax. We carry several types of ceramic coatings designed to provide long-lasting car protection for both beginners and professionals alike. The Formula 1 Wax ceramic coating was created with advanced ceramic nanotechnology. When used, it forms a strong bond with the surface of your car, creating a protective layer that will last for years to come.
These products provide a durable and long-lasting layer of car protection that stands fiercely against the elements. Formula 1 Wax ceramic coating helps a car surface resist anything thrown its way, such as harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and all the other gunk, junk, and environmental contaminants your vehicle deals with daily. These ceramic coatings guarantee a high gloss finish, ensuring your car looks excellent while protected.
Depending on the scope of your car protection needs, there’s a Formula 1 Ceramic product for you. We offer several products, including Formula 1 Ceramic Liquid Wax, Formula 1 Ceramic Wax Spray (created for general use and specific colors), and Formula 1 Ceramic Wash & Wax.
Millions of customers have trusted the Formula 1 Ceramics line since 1989. We are committed to the highest customer satisfaction, ensuring our products provide long-lasting protection and shine.


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