A clean car is a clean mind. But don’t use just any old car wash. Formula 1 Auto Care’s line of car wash products are proven to help owners maintain the cleanliness and appearance of their vehicles.
Formula 1 Car Wash safely cleans all types of gunk while providing a deep, glossy shine. Our products offer maximum protection and shine. The leading product is Formula 1 Carnauba Wash & Wax, one of the best car washes on the market. It provides a rich foam that deep cleans bugs, dirt, tar, and road grime. Formulated with a unique blend that includes Brazilian Carnauba Wax, it protects all types of paint finishes, keeping your car paint shiny and protected between each wax.
Plus, our Formula 1 Car Wash line offers water beading protection while it rinses clean without leaving those annoying little water spots, a common issue with other car wash products. That’s right. Living in a world without water spots is possible.
Since 1989, Formula 1 Auto Care has been a leading choice for the best car wash products for car enthusiasts and detail professionals worldwide. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, look no further than our high-performance line of car wash formulas.


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