To get the most out of car cleaning products, you need the best car cleaning accessories. Formula 1 offers a wide range of car cleaning accessories. After all, if you’re gonna take care of your car, you should do it properly. Right?
Start with Formula 1 Auto Care’s double thick, extra large microfiber towels that dry cars fast and effectively. Utilize these microfiber towels either wet or dry to leave a streak-free shine without scratching, a common issue that car owners face when using rags or other materials. Formula 1 offers two sets, the Super Dry and the Super 2-Pack. Both work similarly, but the Formula 1 Super 2-Pack lets you use one towel for cleaning and drying and the other for polishing and dusting. Respect your vehicle, and use microfiber.
But for something to really help cleanse your car’s surface, the Formula 1 Super Mitt is transformative. The synthetic lamb’s wool does wonders against dirt, helping clean your car paint while preventing scratching. Combined with the right car cleaner, it turns into a powerful, heavy-duty, and soapy tool for removing grime. The crud on your vehicle won’t know what hit it.
Of course, the Formula 1 Super Pads and Formula 1 Super Sponge are also very effective car cleaning accessories. They both remove dirt and grime without the risk of scratches or damage on your vehicle. Combine with the Formula 1 Super Wand, and you’ve got quite the tool belt full of the best car cleaning options.
Since 1989, Formula 1 has provided leading car cleaning accessories. Our experts created these microfiber towels, detailing brushes, foam applicators, and drying towels with our customers in mind. In fact, we might car more about your car’s cleanliness than you do. Browse our extensive selection of car cleaning accessories below.


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