Breakthrough Technology for a New Level of Auto Paint Protection

  • Formula 1 Premium Products utilize exclusive Super Polymer formulas.
  • When applied, Super Polymers crosslink on a car finish forming a clear, durable coating.
  • This bonds to the paint finish making a lasting barrier against environmental damage.

Tests Prove Superior Protection

  • In long term testing, Formula 1’s Crosslinked Super Polymer coating lasted over 2x longer than other natural and synthetic waxes.
  • The paint protection is stronger against water, dirt and UV rays.
  • Even in extreme conditions, Formula 1 Premium products maintained a synthetic bond to the surface.

Optical Brighteners Give Paint a Brilliant Shine

  • When applying a coat of Formula 1 Premium, the molecular alignment of Crosslinked Super Polymers refract light on the car surface resulting in higher shine.
  • The Crosslinked Super Polymers used in Formula 1 Premium products have been engineered to work on car paint, but the same results can be seen when used on chrome, plastic and rubber.
  • Layering Super Polymers will result in more optical brightening and a higher shine.